Benefits of Formal Art Education

Girl Artist

Theoretically, a good artist does not need a formal education. After all, some of the greatest artists of all times such as Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci never went to an art school. On the other hand, a talent needs to be nurtured and developed to achieve the maximum potential. In addition, there is always room for improvement, while the industries typically prefer artists with formal art education - degree. You can only benefit from formal art education and for that reason you should pack your brushes and palette, and head to the nearest art school or college.


You do not have to travel far to find an art school or college that will teach you the proven art techniques and concepts, and help you further your artistic skills. There are many world-renowned art schools, fashion courses, colleges and even carpenters in South West London that offer a number of programmes ranging from oil painting, graphical design, sculpture, carpentry, joinery, drawing and photography, etc. Depending on school, programme and level of training, art schools and colleges in South West London offer bachelor’s degree as well as postgraduate and master’s degrees giving your talent a formal certification that will significantly improve your art career options and opportunities. You will not learn from professionals only but become a professional yourself.


In addition to giving you a formal education and certification, an art school and college will help you grow as an artist. A carefully selected art school/college enables you to learn the basics about proven techniques and concepts without suppressing your talent and skills. On the contrary, it will help you further your skills, stimulate your creativity and enable you to become a better artist as well as teach you how to market your artworks and talent.

It is never too early not too late to improve your artistic skills and further your talent by a formal education. However, inform yourself very well about different art schools and colleges, and programs and certifications/degrees they offer.